Wentworth Falls Country Club

Telephone - 4757 1202 • Brasserie - 4757 3330 • Pro Shop - 0490 488 398
206-220 Blaxland Road, Wentworth Falls, NSW 2782

Wentworth Falls Country Club

Telephone - 4757 1202 • Brasserie - 4757 3330 • Pro Shop - 0490 488 398
206-220 Blaxland Road, Wentworth Falls, NSW 2782

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The Week at Wenty

So, it’s been a couple of weeks since I put pen to paper in a digital sense.

As per usual, Sunday saw the end of the week, but this Sunday was anything but usual. We had our first members forum for quite some time, and for those who were there, and there were plenty, hopefully it became clear why it had been a while.

There was a lot of information presented that took a lot of time and effort to produce.

We found out that we had a total of 322 golfing members at an average age of just below 70.  

We play around 180 competitive rounds per week, and around 30 of them are from visitors from other clubs. That leaves around 150 rounds by our members. At least a third of those rounds are played by members that play at least twice per week so that means that only around 100 out of 322 are playing regularly. Where are all of our other members?

Sounds like we need to make some phone calls.

Sounds like we also need to make a real push on membership and a proposal is with the board right now.

Our Treasurer, Colin Porter, gave a detailed presentation which covered over 20 years of the club’s available financials.

We found out that we had 1300 members in 1991 yet we only made a very small profit in that year. With 1300 members, management of costs obviously was not a priority.

Here we are now with 322 members.

What was clear from the figures is that profit from Poker Machines have kept this club alive and kicking for the last 30 years.

We are not alone in this as the majority of clubs in NSW are in the same boat

Headline news is that we can remain viable at least until 2022 as long as;

  • We retain or grow our membership base
  • Bar, gaming and golf revenues do not reduce significantly.
  • We continually manage day to day costs and overheads, the latter having dropped from over $600K last year to just over $400K this year.

That’s a lot of beers!

An action for all is to call your friends and make sure they renew.


Colin’s projections covered three years into the future and the next step is getting our auditors to sign off on the figures this year.

We are confident that we can achieve this now.

Thanks for all your work Colin. I am certain everyone in the room appreciated it.

It was then on to Steve Giles and his report from the Land Development Committee. Steve stepped us through all the areas on and around the course that have potential for development. There were flame zones, wildlife corridors, flood plains, buffer zones, drinking catchments, lack of sewerage infrastructure, indigenous plants, lot sizes, outdated LEPs, State Government policies and Council restrictions.

The bottom line was that to effectively utilize our land is going to take some time to navigate through the layers of red tape, and a lot of money.

The absolute positive in all this, is that we are officially free of any contract with Paynter Dixon. This contract has cast a shadow over our options to move forward over the last 15 years, as it was always feared that they would want the $350K back that they say the exercise cost them. Yehah!!!

It was also made very clear that nothing can happen without membership agreement.

Thanks to Steve and the Land Development Committee for what has been an exhausting effort over many months with an incredibly illuminating result.

Lots of questions and comments followed the presentation and most were covered.

Michael Hancott covered our plans for advertising, now that we have a great food offering in our new caterer, Citrus 206.

With a decent food offering, we now have the whole package to sell.

We are awaiting a quote back from the Gazette to cover long term advertising, and along with letter drops and social media, we can finally start to effectively promote.

Imagine what an extra 5K per week in Gross Profit would do to our viability.

One extra function per week in the club and an extra 50 rounds of paid social and an extra 25 rounds of competition golf would just about do that.

We only do around 14000 total rounds per year, just to put it in perspective.

Now………………, just as an aside, I went and saw old mate with the beard and the floppy hat who practices his chipping just about every day down on the practice green next to the 11th. I asked him what membership he held, and he stated that he had a deal with a previous board member that allowed him to use the facilities. Here is a guy who has never actually played a hole of golf, let alone a round, he just practices. I asked him whether he would join officially this year and he said, “Why should I, the place will be closing soon and even if it stays open, it will only be a 9 hole course”.

I just about fell off my golf cart.

A little-known fact that was spelt out on Sunday is that if we were to close, then all the assets are split between like clubs.

If this random guy thinks the place is shutting up shop, no wonder our friends at Leura and Blackheath are rubbing their hands together in anticipation.

This has got to stop!!!!, please.

OK, not to get too melodramatic, but it’s confession time.

If we are to survive and thrive, we need to increase our revenue and control our costs.

We have such a great product to sell, and we need to make the most of every opportunity.

Now, I hear that George Pell has some spare time now, so I was thinking of knocking on his door, but I reckon it would be safer to talk to you.

Last year, Mary Petkevitch, one of our stand - out lady members, approached me with the idea of a Green Keepers Revenge golf day. Nothing new but she had a lot of the ground work done and we could have raised some much-needed funds for our hard-working green staff. I never made it happen.

Last year, Joss Bennett, a great member, approached me with the idea for a Charity golf day highlighting Integra Dogs. These are the highly trained dogs that companion our impacted returned soldiers and they were recently on show at the Invictus Games. Again, we could have made some good coin and really made a difference. Joss had done a lot of the ground work and I didn’t make it happen.

Last Year, Ken and Lea Shaefer (you won’t find better people), sold me on the idea of installing a short course. The opportunities are just about endless. Again, I didn’t make it happen.

Last year, Winton Evers approached me with the idea of doing a Trivia night for Wentworth Falls Public School. We had great success with the other trivia nights we had done, so it was a no brainer. Didn’t make it happen.

I’ve been given the responsibility of leading the charge with getting Sponsorship for the club. Done nothing.

No excuses, and there have been some hard lessons learnt about prioritising the damn obvious. All I can say is that I will do better, but it leads me to my next request.

We have 292 Adult members. If every one looked at their network and found one Sponsor(company, individual, or group), one company looking for a function area, one company looking for a golf day, one great local cause looking for a Trivia night, or one family member who was having a big birthday bash, getting married, engaged, having a Christening, having a wake, and then facilitated them approaching the club to make it happen, imagine what we could achieve.

Many hands make light work. We need to increase the size of our revenue pie, so let’s get messy and get as many fingers in it as possible.


So………………………, finally, to the Golf.

The d’Vine Cellars Club Championship time is always special. Weeks and weeks of stroke rounds is enough to give you one.

We have moved the March Monthly Medal to coincide with the last round of the Club Champs this year, so everyone still has something to play for. The Guzzler and the Golden Goblet is there for whoever wants to take it.

We have a delicious mixture of old stagers and new faces all in with a chance in all the grades this year. From our Juniors, Women and though all the grades to our A Grade, only 5 or 6 strokes separate the top 4.

I looked up Golf link and found that Matt Hickey had not played a comp round since September last year. The guy is a golfing genius, given that he is going for 5 in a row as Club Champion this year. He works hard, is one of our Major Sponsors, has a family and still manages to get the gurney out in March, cleans off his clubs and give it to the rest of us. Matt leads A Grade by 6 shots from Bronco and James Hall, who is having a great championship. Col Stockley is also in the mix and you just know that he will always deliver, through snow, sleet, rain………………….

The B grade competition is awesome this year. Two Juniors are leading the way in Lachlan and Jacob Cullen with Gordon Reynolds and carry-over champion, Jamie Galbraith right there with them. Experience in the trenches vs innate talent and time on the range. Delicious.

In C Grade, the great Scott, Robert, is leading the way with new member, Paul McGowage, but Tom Hickey and Ross Golotta are poised to pounce just a couple of strokes back. All these boys have been about a bit, so it’s gonna be tight. I smell a 4-hole playoff in this one.

Our Woman’s Club Championship has also in 3 grades.

Ebony Waugh leads the way from Magda Cawthorne in A Grade. Magda has left a few out there over the first two rounds, but the girl can play and in racing terms, she is one out and one back. The final round is gonna be a blast, all the way to the finish line.

In B Grade, Sue West leads the way from Tilly Elderfield. “There can be only one, Highlander.”

In C Grade, Mary Petkevitch has put herself in a position where it is hers to lose. Kerry Penfold needs to Channel he inner tiger and fire up on Saturday.

Our Junior Category is lead by Chaz Ritchie, our reigning Junior Champ. However, there is no writing off our very own young Mr Freeze, Aiden Cullen. He has added around 40 m to his drive in the last couple of weeks and a glance at his swing will tell you that that sweet thing is going to hold up under pressure.

And then there are the Vets. I made an error after the first round as I though everyone over 50 qualified. It turns out that it’s 55. Funny though, when questioned, no one complained when I said that they were too young.

In A Grade, Murray Patterson has won 9 out of the last 13 club Champs. It would be like betting against “Winks” but John McInnes is currently head to head running down the home straight and a photo may be required.

In B Grade Vets, Gordon Reynolds and Graem Bush are the two top contenders. It’s not too long ago that Gordon had a net 59 and we all know with Graem, well,” You don’t put baby in a corner”. The great thing is that I get to announce the winner

In C Grade, the top of the vets mirrors the top of the main draw, with Paul McGowage, Robert Scott and Tom Hickey leading the way. They all have a lot to play for and I can’t help but think one of these chaps will be holding two trophies at the end of Saturday.

In the net events, there are heaps of contenders in all grades.

It would great if everyone came for presentation on Saturday and don’t forget, it’s monthly medal as well, so someone is going to be getting cheap drinks.

We also have our Wine, Gin and Whisky Tasting that afternoon, so a few tasters will probably be well received.

At the same time, our Karaoke PA will be set up for the show later on. I am happy to turn her on and allow any of the winners to belt out a version of their “go to” song. I’d like to say that the big PA can make anybody sound good, but I’d be lying. It’s a lot of fun though.

In other golfing news during the week, Thursday was our Mid-Week medal (when too much stroke play is not enough) and it was Peter Cowan-Lunn, Frank Olsen and Tilly Elderfield who took the honours and also qualified for the 2019 Gold Medal Trophy playoff.

A highlight of the day was Jeff Pails winning the Jackpot hole, he just loves that back right pin placement. I will need to talk to Chris about that one.

Tuesday’s Medley saw Colin Foster win on a countback in a 3 way tie with Ian Paton and yours truly, Steve West. Ahhhhhhh, that 3 footer on the 18th.

How good is Golf!!!!!!!!

Wentworth Falls Country Club Juniors

Two rounds down, one to go in the 2019 Club Championships. Chazz Ritchie is currently leading the Junior category by 9 shots over Aiden Cullen. It may seem like a lot, but golf is a funny old game. Brothers Lachlan & Jacob Cullen are currently tied first in the nett category. All to play for next week.

While many of our juniors were battling it out in the Club Champs, some other juniors teed it up in the Junior Cadets 10-hole Challenge. A reminder that this FREE weekly competition for all WFCC junior members takes place at 2:30pm every Saturday. It’s a great way to earn your handicap, sneak in a quick 10 holes or fine tune your skills. Not a member? Don’t worry, as junior membership is now open. You can even use your Active Kids Voucher. Contact WFCC on 4757 1202 for more information.

Don’t forget the FREE junior golf clinics are on during school terms. The Beginners clinic is on a Wednesday and the Advanced on Tuesdays. Both clinics kick off at 4:00pm. Contact Wentworth Falls Pro Shop on 0490 488 398 for more details.

For a full wrap of the week at Wenty, please go to our Website under Golf Results

Coming right up:

Tuesday 12th March: Medley Single Stableford and Jackpot Hole

Thursday 14th March: Multipar Handicap and 2BBB

Friday 15th March: Friday 10-hole comp

Friday 15th March: Super Series Poker in the Club 7pm

Saturday 16th March: 3rd Round d’Vine Cellars Club Championship

Saturday 16th March: Cadets 10-hole Challenge

Saturday 16th March: Wine, Gin and Whisky Tasting 4pm till 6 pm

Saturday 16th March: Westy’s Karaoke from around 7pm

Monday 18th March: Greens Renovation Course Closed

Weekly Results:,

Saturday 9th March 2019 (2nd Round d’Vine Cellars Club Championship-101 starters)

A Grade Day Winner:Adam Pabian (9)-67 OCB, Runner Up James Hall(6)-67, Scratch Matt Hickey (1)-71

B Grade Day Winner:John Roberts (19)-68OCB, Runner Up Mark Hamwood(18)-68, Scratch Lachlan Cullen(14)-84

C Grade Day Winner:Oliver Cullen (29)-69OCB, Runner Up Simon Whitehead(29)-69, Scratch Robert Scott(27)-92

Women’s Day Winner:Sandra Cameron (31)-72, Runner Up Ebony Waugh(17)-73

Club Championships Round 1 Results.

A Grade Men: Matt Hickey(141), Bronco Djura(147), James Hall(148), Colin Stockley(150)

B Grade Men: Lachlan Cullen(164), Jacob Cullen(168), Gordon Reynolds(168), Jamie Galbraith(169)

C Grade Men: Robert Scott(194),Paul McGowage(194), Tom Hickey(196),Ross Galotta(196)

A Grade Women:Ebony Waugh(177), Magda Cawthorne(183)

B Grade Women:Sue West(199), Tilly Elderfield(202)

C Grade Women:Mary Petkevitch(239), Kathleen Harrison(266)

Juniors: Chazz Richie(153),Aiden Cullen(162)


NTPs:5th Howie McIntosh (135cm), 9th Alan Dean (107cm), 11th Lachlan Cullen (270cm), 11th in 2: Simon Whitehead(284cm), 12th Steve Hunt (232cm), 15th Danny Waugh(390cm), 18th Eagles Nest: No Takers

Best Junior:Jacob Cullen (16)-70

Mystery Hole: Danny Waugh 15th ($86)

Jackpot Hole 9th: No Takers

Putting:Murray Patterson (25)

Balls:Men: 72 Women: 74


Friday 8th March 2019: Medley Single Stableford 10 Hole Comp(13 starters)

Winner: James Hall (6)-21 OCB

Runner Up: Grant Underwood(13)-21


Thursday 7th  March 2019. Men and Women Mid-Week Medal (62 starters)

Thursday 7th March 2019. 3rd Round Gold Medal Trophy 2019

A Grade (0-17) Men’s Winner: Peter Cowan-Lunn16)-72, Runner Vic Smiley(17)-73, Scratch Ashy Jurd(7)-81

B Grade (18-36) Men’s Winner: Frank Olsen(20)-71, R/Up John Byrne (29)-73, Scratch Bruce Crossing(19)-91

Women’s Winner: Tilly Elderfield (27)-71, R/Up Linda Loftus(20)-83

Gold Medal Trophy Qualifiers: Peter Cowan -Lunn, Frank Olsen, Tilly Elderfield

NTPs: 9th Jeff Pails (73.5cm),9th Ladies No Takers,11th in 2 Ladies-Tilly Elderfield(246cm),12th both John Kelley (451cm)

Balls: Men 76 Women: 86


Tuesday 5th March 2019. Medley Single Stableford & 2BBB(42 starters)

Winner: Colin Foster (32)-38 OCB, R/Up Ian Paton(34)-38 , Third Karim Hussain(13)-37

NTPs:5th Patrick Moylan (336cm), 12th in 2 P. Mapledoram (589cm)









I just wanted to write to let you know just how impressed I was with your club. In fact, everyone who attended the lunch was very, very impressed. Your staff could not have been more friendly, efficient and helpful. Even the young guy behind the bar was super-friendly whilst still being professional.  The food, without exception, was tremendous.
– Anne Hutchins
We often take family and visitors to the Thursday/Friday night servings and always found that everybody has enjoyed the food. The service is great with contact with the chef and his staff are wonderful and nothing is a problem for them even on a fully booked night they are so obliging.
– Mark R
Lovely Country golf club, with nice views over the course. Friendly atmosphere and reasonable prices.
– Martin C
An excellent venue for a special function. Friendly helpful staff and scrumptious food. I attended two Christmas lunches this past week and both were terrific. Also the Friday night carvery is worth trying. And the coffee is good too.
– Maunie K
This club has a real atmosphere about it and it never fails to please. Food, service all good. The servings are very generous and on most occasions are served quite quickly. The wine prices are attractive.
– Geoffrey W
My grandparents live in the area and after staying longer than expected visiting them suggested we have dinner at the country club. The only complaint I have is that they didn't tell me how good It was! - or I wouldn't have had so much for lunch.
– r b
A great course with attractive flora and fauna, and highly recommended for anyone visiting the Blue Mountains.
– Naysan H
Thank you to my good friends at Wentworth Falls Country Club for your support and Fund raising to help me get to World Championships in Germany. This club and its community have supported me over the past 10 years, and for that I'm grateful. The Friendliest and best club in the Mountains.
– Moe Westmoreland
The Society of Mountain Artists had their Christmas lunch at the club last Thursday. It was the best ever, the club goes out of its way to make it work and the food was outstanding.
– Marie Morris
My family and I would like to thank Jackie and Matt and everyone else at the club for making our daughters and son in law Monique & Joel's wedding such a wonderful night. It was an amazing night and all of our guests commented on the friendliness of your staff and how lovely the food was. I thank you again from the bottom of my heart.
– Julie Christie
Cannot express how well the staff helped on our wedding day, food was delicious, great atmosphere. Thank you.
– Nicky Fungo
I had my wedding here in November… place looked great, staff are so helpful. Definitely recommend.
– Christina Clarke
We had our wedding reception here last year and absolutely loved it. Awesome food and we got to drive up in a golf buggy.
– Helen Johnston