Wentworth Falls Country Club

Telephone - 4757 1202 • Brasserie - 4757 3330 • Pro Shop - 0490 488 398
206-220 Blaxland Road, Wentworth Falls, NSW 2782

Wentworth Falls Country Club

Telephone - 4757 1202 • Brasserie - 4757 3330 • Pro Shop - 0490 488 398
206-220 Blaxland Road, Wentworth Falls, NSW 2782

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 The Week at Wenty

Sue and myself spoke to a lovely couple on the 9th Tee on Friday from Wollongong. They said that the course was fantastic but so busy. They had to wait for an hour for a cart but it was worth it. Now isn’t that music to your ears.

A golfing led recovery for a golf club. That’s a ticket to ride and ride it all the way home we did with our Ladies and Junior Pennants team victorious, a successful Blue Mountains Open, a bumper field in Saturday’s comp, great mid-week efforts and a doubling of the Friday 10 hole comp numbers.

273 competitive rounds for the week and social golf putting the rock into the roll.

Here is a couple more of the rule changes for next year.


A player’s score for each hole is capped at a maximum for stroke play. You can pick up when this maximum is reached and not be disqualified, you will just get the maximum.

Hey, that means no more 10s on 10. The suggested cap is a net double bogey.

So, if you get 2 strokes on 10, then a net double bogey is 8 (6 plus 2).

If you are stuck in that horrid back bunker on 10, pick it up and go get a beer from Dave before you go to the 11th.


The time allowed for a ball search is reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes. So, 5 minutes is the perfect time to boil an egg, so you new boiled egg may be a little soft, but this rule can greatly reduce the time it takes to get to the 19th, where the best golf is played.

Always hit a provisional if you think your ball may be hard to find.

And now for your weekly golfing joke.

The local priest has had a particularly difficult week tending to his flock, and decides to play hooky on a Sunday to play golf. He's playing the best golf of his life, striking the ball purely and putting like he never has before. He is well under his handicap when he reaches the 17th, a long par 5 with a wicked dogleg to the left. Again, he strikes his drive perfectly, coming to rest on the right- hand side of the fairway, 250 mts from the green. Meanwhile, God is watching upstairs with one of the Angles sitting alongside. The Angle asks God, "Are you going to let this slide? Do something!"

God says, "Watch this."

The pastor hits a perfect shot with a little draw and the ball goes in the hole for a double eagle. The angel asks, "Why did you reward him?"

God says, "Who is he gonna tell?"

On Sunday 11th, Wenty hosted the the Coca-Cola Amatil Blue Mountains Open. Murray Patterson had 72 off the stick to card a nett 65 and take out the major prize, a fully transferable $250 member voucher that he can put towards next years membership at his choice of golf club. Murrays 72 strokes included a 6 on the first and an 8 on the 17th, so he has played 16 holes in 3 under the card.

The overall scratch event was won by Springwood’s Nigel Bles who beat Brad Cole in a 4 hole playoff after they both scored 71 in regulation.

Paddison Golf Pro-shop vouchers, Mo’s Bistro Vouchers, Yenda Six Packs and Australian Chandon Champas made in the spirit of Moet no less, were shared around between the Mountains clubs.

Thanks goes to Coca-Cola and Blue Mountains district for their generous sponsorship.

Sunday also saw our Ladies inter-district Pennants team, led by captain Sue, play at Camden Lakeside and took the very fancied Springwood ladies down, 4 to 2.  That was the last round of the pennants and look out next year as girls finished with 2 wins on the trot.

The ladies came back to the clubhouse on Sunday afternoon to share their victory and joined in the excitement of the coverage of the final stages of our Junior Pennants team’s win over St Michaels. We had shot by shot updates over Facebook as Jacob Cullen sunk the final putt of the day to send our team one step closer to the title.

In Saturday’s Comp, 105 golfers knocked it about but none came close to Neil Griffith who scored 44 points to win by 6 shots from Sam Kennedy. Lachlan Cullen and Sam Kennedy won the teams with Kerry Regan winning the day in the women’s event. Oh, and just as a side, Neil is related to the Cullens by marriage. Neil is married to Michelle who is Janine’s sister who is Dave Cullens Wife. The Cullen Universe is expanding, in line with Steven Hawking’s theory.

Another name surfaced on Saturday. Jess Hardaker has just joined our other Juniors playing with the big boys and finished tied 3rd in the main competition.

Well done Jess and give those Cullen boys hell.

Andrew Loftus had a win in the Friday comp with 21 points for 10 holes and we had 17 in the field.

Thursday was the mid-week medal with Bill Slatford, Richard Pym, Colin Porter and Lea Schaefer booking their places in their grades for the Gold Medal playoffs for the year.

Tuesday saw Tom Hickey score 44 points to win the medley.

Is the course getting easier, because I certainly have not noticed.

Coming right up:

Tuesday 13th November: Medley and Jackpot Hole $120

Saturday 17th November: Foursomes Championships Men and Women Day 1

Sunday 18th November: Foursomes Championships Men and Women Day 2

Saturday 1st December: Mixed Foursomes

Sunday 2nd December: Wentworth Falls Volkswagon Scramble

Wenty Juniors

Last year on 22nd October our juniors won their first ever Pennants game. That was when they were playing Encourage Shield. The venue, Stonecutters Ridge.

On 14th October this year our juniors won their first ever game in the more difficult Junior Pennants. The venue, Stonecutters Ridge.

On Sunday our Junior Pennant team played in their first ever Pennants quarterfinal. The venue, Stonecutters Ridge. Was this going to be a sign?

It didn’t start off in the best way. Fresh off his come from behind win to get us in to the quarters, Matteen Mashal had a battle on his hand and went down in his match 5&4. Matten then began the cheer squad. 1-0 down.

After losing his match on the last hole in the last game, Lachlan Cullen played an awesome match this time around, winning 3&2. He then joined the cheer squad. 1-all.

Aiden Cullen was having a ding-dong battle with his opponent and he was being pushed all the way to the 18th hole. 1-up with one to play. Boom, he has a belter to win the hole and take the match 2-up. Aiden then joined the cheer squad. 2-1 up.

Little Harry Daniels gave a 50cm and 50kg head start to his opponent and knew he had a battle on his hand. And battle he did. Losing the 17th hole he knew that he had to win on the last to take it to extra holes. It was a bridge too far for him, squaring the hole and losing 1-down. Harry also joined the cheer squad. 2-all, two matches left.

By this point, both remaining matches were on the 18th hole. Yep, that’s 4 of the 6 matches going all the way. Next up was Captain Courageous, Chazz Ritchie. Hitting his second shot in to the greenside bunker, we all feared the worst. He’s our captain for a reason though. With a sweep of his sand wedge, Chazz got out of the bunker and popped his putt in to square the match. Extra holes for Chazz. Well, as it turns out, only an extra hole as Chazz calmly took a point by winning the 19th. He joined the cheer squad. 3-2 up, one match left.

Jacob Cullen had many eyes on him as the last match remaining. A win would see us in to the semi’s, a loss would see us have to do it all again. Going in to the final hole, Jacob was 1-down. Knowing a win was his only option, he brought out his inner Cullen and won the 18th with a couple of vicious blows. Extra holes…

Hole 19, squared. Hole 20, squared. On to hole 21, a dogleg around water with water surrounding the green. His approach hung on the fringe of the Green (a heart in mouth moment). Knowing that his opponent was under pressure Jacob put his next shot to two metres from the pin. His opponent missed his putt but was in close. Jacob had a putt to win it. Silence…

The putt was lined up how Jacob saw it. One practice stroke…another practice stroke…one last look at the hole, and then a gentle stroke of the putter. Everyone held their breath. Silence…

As the ball disappeared in to the hole, Jacob punched the air and the crowd erupted. We have made it to the semi’s.

Next up, Long Reef at Oatlands.

In the Open Saturday competition, Sam Kennedy had a blinder, getting 38 points to claim runner-up. Prize for best junior on the day went to Jesse Hardaker with 37 points.

Don’t forget our junior clinics. The Beginners clinic is on Wednesday and the Advanced clinic is on Tuesday. Both clinics start at 4pm and both are FREE. Call the pro shop on 4757 1202 for further details.

Pennants match play practice also happens on Wednesday and the kids are always up for a practice match with anyone. If you fancy giving one of our team members a match, then meet at the pro shop between 4pm & 4:30pm. Are you up for the challenge?

Weekly Results:,

Sunday 11th November 2018. Junior Pennants

Wentworth Falls 4, Chaz Ritchie, Jacob Cullen, Lachlan Cullen, Aiden Cullen, Harry Daniels, Matteen Mashal, defeated St Michaels 2


Sunday 11th November 2018. Ladies Inter-District Pennants

Wentworth Falls 4, Sue West, Sandy Cameron, Linda Loftus, Christine Hargreaves, Kerry Penfold, Mary Petkevitch,defeatedSpringwood 2

Sunday 11th November 2018. Coca-Cola Amatil Blue Mountains Open (54 starters)

Overall Scratch Winner: Nigel Bles(Springwood GC-2)-71

Overall Nett Winner: Murray Patterson(WFCC-7)-65

Veterans(50-65) Nett Winner: Simon Whitehead(WFCC-30)-69

SuperVets(Over 65) Nett Winner: Steve Rabone( Blackheath-68

A Grade Nett Winner: Jeff Pails(WFCC-8)-68 OCB, R/Up Brad Cole(Springwood GC-3)-68

B Grade Scratch Winner: Mathew Donoghue(Leura GC-14)-83

B Grade Nett Winner:Daniel Miklosz(Wallacia GC-14)-70, R/Up Jamie Galbraith(WFCC-13)-74

C Grade Scratch Winner: Tony McQuillan(WFCC-21)-92

C Grade Nett Winner:Walter Mockli (WFCC-22)-73, R/Up Laurance Petkevitch(WFCC-22)-74

Women’s Nett Winner: Sandy Ghata(Springwood GC-33)-69

Blue Mountains Shield Winner: Murray Patterson, Bill Slatford, Tony McQuillan, Steve Pole(WFCC)-136.

Blue Mountains Shield Runner Up:Kyle Honeyset, Sal Ballard, Nigel Bles, Brad Cole(Springwood GC)-137

Putting: Walter Mockli(WFCC) -29

Mystery Hole: Murray Patterson 5th Hole-$50

NTPs: 5th Murray Patterson(WFCC 11cm), 9th Danny Waugh (WFCC273cm), 11th Dominic York (Oberon 240cm), 12th Mathew Donoghue (leura GC 240cm), 15th Kyle Honeyset (Springwood 355cm)


Saturday 10th November 2018. Single Stableford and Split Sixes(105 starters)

Men’s Winner: Neil Griffiths(34)-44, R/Up Sam Kennedy(Jun-26)-38, Third Bert Kryger (13)-37 OCB, 4th Frank Tregier (16)-37OCB, 5th Gerald Murray (24)-37 ,Scratch Danny Waugh (6)-77

Women’s Winner: Kerry Regan(20)-37

Team Event:

Winner:Lachlan Cullen(Jun-17) &Sam Kennedy(Jun-26)-67, R/Up Godfrey Lucas(30) & Steve Smith (30)-65

Mystery Hole: Leigh Greening(Vis) -$86

NTPs: 5th Geoff Yates( Vis-240cm), 9th Steve West (350cm), 11th Bert Kryger(311cm), 11th in 2 Neil Griffith (240cm), 12th Leigh Greening (320cm), 15th Lachlan Cullen (242cm),

Balls: Men 34, Women 36


Friday 9th November 2018. Single Stableford 10 hole comp (17 Starters)

Winner:Andrew Loftus(15)-21


Thursday 8th  November 2018.  Men and Women Mid-Week Medal (53 Starters)

A Grade Men’s Winner: Bill Slatford(12)-71, R/Up John McInnes(9)-73

B Grade Men’s Winner: Mark Hamwood (17)-71 OCB, R/Up Doug Halpin(19)-71 OCB

C Grade Men’s Winner: Colin Porter(30)-69 OCB, R/Up Richard Pym(30)-69

Scratch: Sean Sparks (6)-82

Women’s Winner: Lea Schaefer(23)-76

NTP’S: 9th John McInnes(112cm), Ladies 9th No Takers, 11th in 2 Diane Smith (410cm) 12th John Roberts(430cm)

Balls:Men 74, Women 79


Tuesday 6th November 2018. Medley Single Stableford (37 starters)

Winner: Tom Hickey(23)-44, R/Up Albino Fernandez(Vis-19)-40, Third John McInnes(9)-39

NTPs:5th Jock Galt (152cm), 12th in 2-Colin Foster(135cm)





I just wanted to write to let you know just how impressed I was with your club. In fact, everyone who attended the lunch was very, very impressed. Your staff could not have been more friendly, efficient and helpful. Even the young guy behind the bar was super-friendly whilst still being professional.  The food, without exception, was tremendous.
– Anne Hutchins
We often take family and visitors to the Thursday/Friday night servings and always found that everybody has enjoyed the food. The service is great with contact with the chef and his staff are wonderful and nothing is a problem for them even on a fully booked night they are so obliging.
– Mark R
Lovely Country golf club, with nice views over the course. Friendly atmosphere and reasonable prices.
– Martin C
An excellent venue for a special function. Friendly helpful staff and scrumptious food. I attended two Christmas lunches this past week and both were terrific. Also the Friday night carvery is worth trying. And the coffee is good too.
– Maunie K
This club has a real atmosphere about it and it never fails to please. Food, service all good. The servings are very generous and on most occasions are served quite quickly. The wine prices are attractive.
– Geoffrey W
My grandparents live in the area and after staying longer than expected visiting them suggested we have dinner at the country club. The only complaint I have is that they didn't tell me how good It was! - or I wouldn't have had so much for lunch.
– r b
A great course with attractive flora and fauna, and highly recommended for anyone visiting the Blue Mountains.
– Naysan H
Thank you to my good friends at Wentworth Falls Country Club for your support and Fund raising to help me get to World Championships in Germany. This club and its community have supported me over the past 10 years, and for that I'm grateful. The Friendliest and best club in the Mountains.
– Moe Westmoreland
The Society of Mountain Artists had their Christmas lunch at the club last Thursday. It was the best ever, the club goes out of its way to make it work and the food was outstanding.
– Marie Morris
My family and I would like to thank Jackie and Matt and everyone else at the club for making our daughters and son in law Monique & Joel's wedding such a wonderful night. It was an amazing night and all of our guests commented on the friendliness of your staff and how lovely the food was. I thank you again from the bottom of my heart.
– Julie Christie
Cannot express how well the staff helped on our wedding day, food was delicious, great atmosphere. Thank you.
– Nicky Fungo
I had my wedding here in November… place looked great, staff are so helpful. Definitely recommend.
– Christina Clarke
We had our wedding reception here last year and absolutely loved it. Awesome food and we got to drive up in a golf buggy.
– Helen Johnston