Wentworth Falls Country Club

Telephone - 4757 1202 • Brasserie - 4757 3330 • Pro Shop - 0490 488 398
206-220 Blaxland Road, Wentworth Falls, NSW 2782

Wentworth Falls Country Club

Telephone - 4757 1202 • Brasserie - 4757 3330 • Pro Shop - 0490 488 398
206-220 Blaxland Road, Wentworth Falls, NSW 2782

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 The Week at Wenty

Lights, Camera, Action!!!!!

I missed out on my wrap last week, so I have 2 weeks to recount. Wow:

·         A great night on Fri 7th where we celebrated Wentworth falls Soccer Club end of season.

·         Our Ladies Open day showcased over 50 golfers on Monday 3rd September

·         Jackpot Hole is over $700.

·         Fathers Days and the Family Fun day was a hit with the dads…., and the mums, and the kids

·         Our Globe trotting Pro returns, engaged and all. (what’s that song by Queen?-“Another one Bites the dust”)

·         The growth of our Thursday night Trivia makes that day the clubs most profitable

·         Ladies Inter-district Pennants kicked off on Sunday 16th September

·         Handiskins finalists selected, not without some tears

·         Chris Simpson taking on the role as course superintendent with Damien leaving on 5th October

·         Fox Sports and The Golf Show comes to Wenty and a TV star is born in our very own Dave Paddison

·         The first of our Club Information sessions on Sunday 9th September heralds a new beginning

·         Our new Club Manager starts on Tuesday 17th September

·         Our Hole in One drought broken on Thursday 13th September

·         Our Juniors hard at work practicing for their Pennants Season.

·         A number of very well received Wakes reminds us what a great venue we have, no matter how sombre or Joyous the occasion.

So this all happened in 2 weeks. It takes longer for Telstra to fix your phone.

In the Clubhouse.

Probably the most important update I can give you is the start of our new GM on Tuesday 17th September. With the monies from the Members levy and the sale of the legacy poker machines, now the hard work begins. Clearly, we cannot afford to hire someone, given the last 3 years of loosing money, but more importantly, we cannot afford not to hire someone.

Thanks to all of our members who parted with their hard earned, without you, well…………………., nuff said on that one.

On the new Manager, we need someone to head us in the right direction, to use their skills, knowledge and can- do attitude to show us how to get bums on seats in the clubhouse and facilitate Dave getting bums on seats in our golf carts.

Thursdays including Golf and Trivia at night is our most profitable day. If we just have Friday, Saturday and Sunday delivering at least the same, the dreaded “I” word (that’s insolvency in small font) would disappear from the vernacular.

Add onto this the longer - term plans to make best use of our excess land asset, then we really are looking long term viability in the face.

Already, post our members meeting on Sunday 9th, we have had some great ideas on events, functions and fundraising for cause ideas. If you have any ideas and want to get involved, drop me a line on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Can’t wait to hear from you.

On the Golf Course,

A bit of Rain, a bit of Sun, and a lot of prep work from our Green Staff, and the course has come alive.

There’s nothing like a Hole in One to get people talking. Unfortunately, it wasn’t on the 9th, so prestige, a nice flag and some bragging rights will have to do. The best B Grader in the Universe achieved the feat at the 15th Hole on Thursday 13th September. There are conflicting reports on how Graeme Bush got the job done. One report recounts how the ball left a heat trail behind it as it sailed majestically, never leaving the line of the flag, only to land as lightly as a butterfly, bouncing twice, before checking into the hole. The other was more in-line with the ball ripping out some onion grass like a White Cockatoo, careening off the Cart path boundary, taking a somewhat adventurous trip through Parramatta grass, Duck poo and pine straw before eventually hitting the flag at pace and dropping dead in the whole.

It’s a results orientated game so either will do. Well done Graeme and you join Ron Wiseman as the only one of us this year to get it done. We average 6 per year over the last 10 years, which means there should be another 4 in the next 3 months. Good luck with that everyone.

We had Paul Gow, Braith Anasta and the Television Crew from Fox Sports The New Golf Show at Wenty on Monday 10th. Everyone had a great day and the course looked a treat. Paul Gow was amazed that we didn’t have the place packed every day. A hidden Gem I think he called it and could not believe just how good our greens were. The show will air on National television early next year and the publicity will be great. Braith Anasta plays of Plus One and wow he hits it a long way. Aside from depositing a few balls in the back yards’ of our Chancery Lane neighbours off the first tee, he along with Paul played the 11th, 17th and the 10th and our Junior program will feature. Dave Paddison stepped up to the Microphone and did the club proud. The lighting guy had a bit of a problem with the glare of the noggin but nothing that a bit of makeup couldn’t solve. I never realised what gorgeous eyelashes he has.

The Handiskins finalists have been chosen. They say the cream rises to the top and so it shall be. The Big Bopper Sean Sparks and his dodgy knees improved his position and ended up first qualifier. Our resident Handiskins professional, Mark Edwards, a finalist last year as well, will again play off the money. From one out and one back came Magda Cawthorne, finishing very strong and winning the final round with 38 points.  It’s fitting, and another  testament to our Junior Program, that Chazz Ritchie fills the 4th position of our Club Final.

So, 2 blokes, a Lady and a Junior, don’t we spread the love around at Wenty!

Each of our 4 finalists will receive an invitation to play in the national Finals to be held at The Royal Pines on the Gold Coast in May. Dave Paddison will also feature in the Pro-Am to be played there as well.

Our Inter-district Ladies Pennants side had their first Match against Richmond at Penrith on Sunday. They are already winners in my books for getting out there and representing our club. The home game is on 7th October.

I wasn’t marking the cards on Sunday so they didn’t bring home the prize, but the battle has only just begun and there is a lot of golf left. You go girls.

The Ladies Open was held on 3rd September and again, Wenty was able to provide some much-needed funds for Katoomba Public Hospital. Was a great day with 50 odd ladies knocking it about. Just quietly, Wenty won the day.

Good luck to everyone and How Good is Golf!

Coming right up:

Tuesday 18th September: Medley and Jackpot hole over $700

Thursday 20th September: WFCC Women’s AGM

Saturday 22nd September: Annual WFCC Junior Presentation and Trivia night.

Monday 24th September: BM Veterans Day

Tuesday 25th September: Coarse Closed for greens renovation

Thursday 27th September: Savage Thursday

Friday 28th September: Barking Spiders Karaoke

Wenty Juniors

It’s finally here. On Saturday we are hosting our trivia night fundraiser at the club. This is the major fundraiser for our junior golf program and also doubles as the shirt presentation for our Junior Pennant Teams. To book a table call 0404 208 759. Fun guaranteed!

Supercoach David Paddison must be back from his overseas adventure because the kids of Wenty are going off!

It all started on Tuesday with the FREE advanced clinic. Our Junior Pennant teams were put through their paces with shot shaping and up-and-down challenges. These kids backed it up on Wednesday with some match-play practice and Captain Steve West also came up to give one of our juniors a match. This handicap match-play practice is crucial for the preparation for the upcoming Junior Pennant season and happens every week. If ever you are able to help out by giving our juniors a “practice match” please meet at the pro shop between 4:00-4:30pm on Wednesdays.

The return of Dave also saw the return of the FREE beginner’s clinic, which happens every Wednesday during the school term at 4pm. Plenty of young, enthusiastic golfers kept Dave on his toes and hit plenty of shots.

On Wednesday and Thursday junior member Harry Daniels represented Sydney West at the PSSA State Championships at Lakeside Camden. Dave’s coaching must be working as Harry did quite well and helped his team to claim runners-up. Second in the State, not too shabby.

Coming second must be a theme for Harry this week as he also came runner-up in the Saturday Open competition. It was a Stableford event and Harry got 38 points. In a day out for the kids Aiden Cullen & Chazz Ritchie teamed up to win the two-ball. Prize for the best junior this week went to Aiden Cullen.

We capped off a busy week with the Junior 10-hole Challenge on Sunday. Here are the top 3 results: 1st – Rylan Cullen, 22 points; 2nd – Jacob Cullen, 21 points; 3rd – Chazz Ritchie, 19 points. NTP (9th second shot) – Rylan Cullen 100cm.

Don’t forget the Trivia Night on Saturday!

Weekly Results:,

Saturday 15th September 2018. Single Stableford and 2BMulti, Final Round Club Handiskins (94 Starters)

Men’s Winner:Godfrey Lucas (31)-39,  R/Up Harry Daniels (Jun-18)-38 OCB, 3rd  Geoff Harris (15)-38,  4th John McInnes (10)-37OCB Scratch-Bronko Djura (2)-75

Women’s Winner: Anne Frazer (28)-38 OCB, R/Up Magda Cawthorne (15)-38

Teams Winner:Chazz Ritchie(8) & Aiden Cullenr(11)-62, R/Up Frank Tregier(13) & John Celeban (18)-59

Handiskins Final Round 5 Winner: Magda Cawthorne (15)-38

Club Finalists: Sean Sparks (105), Magda Cawthorne (102), Mark Edwards (99), Chazz Ritchie ( 98)

NTP: 5th Jeff Pails (83cm), 9th John Beahan (128cm), 11th Sean Sparks(420cm), 11th in 2 Godfrey Lucas(144cm), 12th Magda Cawthorne (180cm), 15th Sue West (279cm), Eagles Nest 18th Not Taken

Putting Comp: Dave Cullen- 27 putts OCB

Mystery Hole 5th-Jeff Pails-$72


Thursday 13th September 2018.  Men’s and Women’s Single Stableford & 2BBB  (69 starters)

Men’s Winner : John Beahan (15)-39 , R/up Peter Wong (15)-37, Third Walter Mockli (22)-35 OCB

Scratch Winner: Sean Sparks (7)-79

Women’s Winner: Marie Bowrey (38)-34, R/Up Patricia Smilie (39)-33

Teams Winner:John Beahan(15) & Sean Sparks(7)-45, R/Up John Byrne (26) & John Fuller (27)-43

NTPs: Men 9th Mark Hamwood (462cm), Women 9th-No Takers), 11th in 2 Joan Wood (1000cm), 12th Vic Smiley (199cm)

Hole in One: Graem Bush (15th Hole)


Tuesday 4th September 2018 Medley Single Stableford (31Starters)

Winner: Richard Mason (Visitor-12)-36, R/Up Walter Mockli (22)-35 , Third Ron Wiseman (20)-34 OCB

NTPs:  5th John Wilson (71cm), 12th in 2, Colin Foster (2870cm)


I just wanted to write to let you know just how impressed I was with your club. In fact, everyone who attended the lunch was very, very impressed. Your staff could not have been more friendly, efficient and helpful. Even the young guy behind the bar was super-friendly whilst still being professional.  The food, without exception, was tremendous.
– Anne Hutchins
We often take family and visitors to the Thursday/Friday night servings and always found that everybody has enjoyed the food. The service is great with contact with the chef and his staff are wonderful and nothing is a problem for them even on a fully booked night they are so obliging.
– Mark R
Lovely Country golf club, with nice views over the course. Friendly atmosphere and reasonable prices.
– Martin C
An excellent venue for a special function. Friendly helpful staff and scrumptious food. I attended two Christmas lunches this past week and both were terrific. Also the Friday night carvery is worth trying. And the coffee is good too.
– Maunie K
This club has a real atmosphere about it and it never fails to please. Food, service all good. The servings are very generous and on most occasions are served quite quickly. The wine prices are attractive.
– Geoffrey W
My grandparents live in the area and after staying longer than expected visiting them suggested we have dinner at the country club. The only complaint I have is that they didn't tell me how good It was! - or I wouldn't have had so much for lunch.
– r b
A great course with attractive flora and fauna, and highly recommended for anyone visiting the Blue Mountains.
– Naysan H
Thank you to my good friends at Wentworth Falls Country Club for your support and Fund raising to help me get to World Championships in Germany. This club and its community have supported me over the past 10 years, and for that I'm grateful. The Friendliest and best club in the Mountains.
– Moe Westmoreland
The Society of Mountain Artists had their Christmas lunch at the club last Thursday. It was the best ever, the club goes out of its way to make it work and the food was outstanding.
– Marie Morris
My family and I would like to thank Jackie and Matt and everyone else at the club for making our daughters and son in law Monique & Joel's wedding such a wonderful night. It was an amazing night and all of our guests commented on the friendliness of your staff and how lovely the food was. I thank you again from the bottom of my heart.
– Julie Christie
Cannot express how well the staff helped on our wedding day, food was delicious, great atmosphere. Thank you.
– Nicky Fungo
I had my wedding here in November… place looked great, staff are so helpful. Definitely recommend.
– Christina Clarke
We had our wedding reception here last year and absolutely loved it. Awesome food and we got to drive up in a golf buggy.
– Helen Johnston