Wentworth Falls Country Club

Telephone - 4757 1202 • Brasserie - 4757 3330 • Pro Shop - 4757 1202 ext.1
206-220 Blaxland Road, Wentworth Falls, NSW 2782

Wentworth Falls Country Club

Telephone - 4757 1202 • Brasserie - 4757 3330 • Pro Shop - 4757 1202 ext.1
206-220 Blaxland Road, Wentworth Falls, NSW 2782

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Saturday was Final Round of Katoomba Tyre Services Cup. A big thank you to our sponsor Katoomba Tyre Services.

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Congratulations to our Winner and Runners Up

What a ripper of a week.

First week of the school holidays, great weather, great fields, and the great wave of golf finally crested in the running of the annual Katoomba Tyre Services Cup Shootout.

Thanks once again to our fabulous Sponsors Katoomba Tyre Services, Australia’s Oldest Tyre Services Business. Steve, Johno, Matt and Jenny h

ave been long-term supporters of the club and we all thank them tremendously.

It is “tyre fitting” that this week also saw the launch of the Australian National Heritage Festival and I cannot help but reflect on some things that we have that should be Heritage listed.

Michael Bradstreet’s Golf Cart.

I have it on very good advice that when Her Royal Majesty the Queen came out for the opening of The Sydney Opera House in 1973, it was none other than Michael’s cart that ferried her down George Street. Michaels cart must get the Royal tick.

Tass James’s Golf balls.

Last time I played with Tass, I am certain I saw a feather sticking out from the surface of his pill when we found it in the bush off the 10th fairway. Tass is a rusted on Tiger Supporter and Tiger's tend to hold on tightly to those glory days of the past, so I would love to think it was an old “feathery” I saw. That deserves the heritage listing tick.

Billy Girdwood’s Zink cream.

I have never met anyone in the club who has ever seen Billy without his trademark Zink war paint. We all love you Billy and you deserve the heritage tick.

So, the Vicar took a week off this week but will be back next Saturday Night. Golfing jokes never go on holidays so here’s a little light for your day.

Keeping your head down

A young man is playing golf with a priest. At a short hole the priest asks, "What are you going to use on this hole son?"

The young man says, "An eight iron, father. How about you?"

The priest says, "I'm going to hit a soft seven and pray."

The young man hits his eight iron and puts the ball on the green. The priest tops his 7 iron and dribbles the ball out a few yards.

The young man says, "I don't know about you father, but in my church when we pray, we keep our head down."

So…………………………………., to the golf.

Our midweek warriors are a hardy bunch. No matter what the conditions, just to name a few, members like Dallas, the Michaels, the Pauls, the Peters, the Davids, Arvi, Colin, Stewart and Allen, Ruth, Kerrie, Anne as well as regular visitors like Richard and Lesley, are out there having fun and playing hard. I don’t like leaving people out, but Alas, there are only so many lines of type.

Just wanted to say thanks to all of our mid-week players. They, as a whole, do not get enough recognition, so we are going to have some special things happening soon, and you are included.

At the moment, all our mid-weekers are chasing John Hargreaves and Tass James. These two gents are on an absolute burn at the moment. 

John had 44 points on Tuesday to go with his 45 points the week before and Tass James took out the honours on Thursday. Just to rub it in, John and Tass teamed up on Thursday and won the 2BBB. We are all relieved that neither will be getting 2 shots on any holes now, so it’s game on gents. Ruth Lucas won the women’s event on Thursday with 38 points, as well as the NTP on the 9th. Ruth does like that hole. Can we dial up another Hole in One Ruth?

So then came Saturday and the final round of the Katoomba Tyre Services Cup. Eclectic competitions are a lot of fun and you cannot tell when a bolter will have a day out and come from a long way back. Thanks to everyone who played early and made the trip back to the clubhouse just to check. The daily events were won by Graem Bush in A grade, Lawrence Lawless in B grade and Tilly Elderfield in the Women’s event. It was great to see Graem back behind the mike again, giving an acceptance speech. It’s been far too long Graem.

Angus Evers won best junior as well as NTP on 11th. Angus had 3 generations of his family represented on the day, thanks to John and Winton. Angus made a great speech and reinforced what a class act our Juniors are.

When the last group was in, Simon Whitehead and myself had our shoes and sock off so we could access fingers and toes for the eclectic count off. Fortunately, we were rescued by Allen Helmrich whose dancing fingers caressed his keyboard and finally, the names of the 3 shootout competitors were announced.

Representing B grade was Laurance Petkevitch who picked up 8 strokes on Saturday. Laurance had won the year before and with experience on his side, was the bookie’s favourite. Representing A grade was Howie McIntosh. Howie had assisted myself and Simon on making sense of the eclectic count-up, so he was well lubricated to perform by the time the shoot-out was called. Representing the women was Sue West. Sue sunk a 40-footer (never let the truth get in the way of a good story) on the 18th, across the slope to qualify for the shootout.

After the practice chips and the first round, no one was the obvious favourite for the title. There was a bit of money invested amongst the punters on the balcony above the 10th green, in particular a couple of visitors who saw something in the blond wielding the pings. Howie lofted a chip which landed like a butterfly and ended up close to the hole. A cheer went up as Sue’s second chip came to rest at what seemed to be a similar distance. A final confirmation measure was completed by the officials, and Ebony Waugh announced, with Gusto, the winner being Sue by just a few centimeters.

Well done to everyone involved, what a great day.

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday 25th April: Anzac Day Breakfast and Single Stableford (Medley)

Saturday 28th April: Monthly Medal

Thursday 3rd May: Mid-Week Medal

Sunday 6th May: Wentworth Falls Junior open

Tuesday 8th May: Start of Week 1 of Coca Cola Challenge till 30th June.

Saturday 26th May: Monthly Medal

Saturday 26th May: Annual Presentation Night

Sunday 27th May: Annual General Meeting.

Weekly Results:

Katoomba Tyre Services Cup Final Shootout

Winner: Sue West

Runner Up: Howie McIntosh

Runner Up: Laurance Petkevitch

Saturday 21st April 2018 Katoomba Tyre services Cup Final Round Eclectic (102 Starters)


A-Grade 1-16 Winner Graem Bush (14) -40, Runner Up Chazz Ritchie (5) -39,

B-Grade 17-36 Winner Lawrence Lawless (19) – 40OCB, Runner Up Kingsley Liu (Visitor-21) -40,

Women’s: Winner Tilly Elderfield (22) – 41, R/up Julie Morgan (45)-40

Best Junior: Angus Evers (29) -40.

NTP’s 5th S.Tolhurst 219cm, 9th Craig Limbert 110cm, 11th in 2 Angus Evers 110cm, 12th John Roberts 130cm, 15th Tom Hickey 148cm, 18th Eagles Nest Sean Sparks 48cm.

Mystery Hole 15th Pot $91 – Tom Hickey. Putting 25 putts Chazz Ritchie

Thursday 12th April 2018 Single Stableford & 2BBB – Men 58 Starters: Women 9 Starters

Men’s Winner: Tass James (20)- 42, Runner Up Paul Ryan (24)- 41, Third Peter Wong(13)-38, Scratch Chazz Ritchie (4) 82

Women’s Winner- Ruth Lucas (26)-38

Teams Winner: Tass James (20) & John Hargreaves (18) 49, R/Up Stewart Williams (25) & Colin Foster (30) 47

NTPs:  Mens 9th Tass James (134), Women’s 9th Ruth Lucas (1500) 11th in 2 No Takers, 12th Derek Hodge (375cm)

Tuesday 10th  April 2018 Medley Stableford – 34 Starters

Winner John Hargreaves (19) -44, R/Up Allen Helmrich (25) -42, Best Scratch David Payens (12) -90, Best Visitor Lesley Robinson (21) -37.

NTPs 5th Jock Galt 75cm, 12th (in two 27+) D. Barnes 227cm.

I just wanted to write to let you know just how impressed I was with your club. In fact, everyone who attended the lunch was very, very impressed. Your staff could not have been more friendly, efficient and helpful. Even the young guy behind the bar was super-friendly whilst still being professional.  The food, without exception, was tremendous.
– Anne Hutchins
We often take family and visitors to the Thursday/Friday night servings and always found that everybody has enjoyed the food. The service is great with contact with the chef and his staff are wonderful and nothing is a problem for them even on a fully booked night they are so obliging.
– Mark R
Lovely Country golf club, with nice views over the course. Friendly atmosphere and reasonable prices.
– Martin C
An excellent venue for a special function. Friendly helpful staff and scrumptious food. I attended two Christmas lunches this past week and both were terrific. Also the Friday night carvery is worth trying. And the coffee is good too.
– Maunie K
This club has a real atmosphere about it and it never fails to please. Food, service all good. The servings are very generous and on most occasions are served quite quickly. The wine prices are attractive.
– Geoffrey W
My grandparents live in the area and after staying longer than expected visiting them suggested we have dinner at the country club. The only complaint I have is that they didn't tell me how good It was! - or I wouldn't have had so much for lunch.
– r b
A great course with attractive flora and fauna, and highly recommended for anyone visiting the Blue Mountains.
– Naysan H
Thank you to my good friends at Wentworth Falls Country Club for your support and Fund raising to help me get to World Championships in Germany. This club and its community have supported me over the past 10 years, and for that I'm grateful. The Friendliest and best club in the Mountains.
– Moe Westmoreland
The Society of Mountain Artists had their Christmas lunch at the club last Thursday. It was the best ever, the club goes out of its way to make it work and the food was outstanding.
– Marie Morris
My family and I would like to thank Jackie and Matt and everyone else at the club for making our daughters and son in law Monique & Joel's wedding such a wonderful night. It was an amazing night and all of our guests commented on the friendliness of your staff and how lovely the food was. I thank you again from the bottom of my heart.
– Julie Christie
Cannot express how well the staff helped on our wedding day, food was delicious, great atmosphere. Thank you.
– Nicky Fungo
I had my wedding here in November… place looked great, staff are so helpful. Definitely recommend.
– Christina Clarke
We had our wedding reception here last year and absolutely loved it. Awesome food and we got to drive up in a golf buggy.
– Helen Johnston